Obama Refuses To Say ‘Hello Dalai’

The Dalai Lama, the great spiritual leader of millions of Tibetans, is visiting Washington for a week of meetings with Congressional leaders and other political movers and shakers. Those will not include Barack Obama and it is a deliberate snub.

It seems that President Obama feels that appeasing China in hopes of acquiring its cooperation in the Iran and Obama Snubs the Dalai Lama
North Korea problems is more important than meeting with the Dalai Lama, something that President Clinton and both Presidents Bush did without too much trouble.

By caving into China’s demands, President Obama once again sends a signal of weakness and an almost obsessive desire to please enemies while snubbing friends. This is not just an immoral strategy, but a counterproductive one. If a tyranny such as China gets the idea that an American President will dance to its tune, it will push that advantage to the limit and beyond. Eventually President Obama must tell the Chinese no. It should have been with the Dalai Lama and not, as it will likely be now, something with a high profile and weightier stakes.

Excerpts taken from article titled
“Obama Snubs the Dalai Lama”
by Mark Whittington at:


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