Crackerjack Prize

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize puts Obama in the company of Jimmy “I lusted in my heart” Carter, Al “the sky is falling” Gore and Yasser “Peace for us means the destruction of Israel ” Arafat.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been reduced to the prize you get in a box of Crackerjacks.


7 Responses to “Crackerjack Prize”

  1. Wanderant Says:

    Crackerjack prizes have intrinsic and honest value – why slam them?

  2. CountDown Says:

    Looks like IgNobel has tossed another “BOMB”….

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    If that IDIOT Bush had gotten this prestigious award y’all would be dancing in the streets!!! Your racist white robes are showing again!! If the President were not a proud Black man there would not be all this vitriolic hate!!

  4. CountDown Says:

    Bush should have gotten it: for sending more AIDS money to Africa than any former or current administration; for keeping us safe after 911 for 8 years, for freeing Iraqi’s from Saddist Hussein and for preserving thousands of acres of precious marine habitat in the Pacific- the largest marine santuary anywhere in the world and for being a proponent of OPEN US borders.

    Obama getting an award for nothing more than being black is racist. Bush not getting it because he is a white christian is racist.

    Norwegians are useless/cowardly rat-eating contributers on the world stage and major criminals as consistent violators of the worldwide ban on commercial whaling. Obama is actually better than anything they have to offer. Here’s hoping that he contributes the 1.4M award to a whale-protection organization.

  5. PATRIOT Says:

    Wow a neo-con for OPEN BORDERS!! Be careful or you will be called un-American or a “commie”!!!!!!

  6. CountDown Says:

    No, silly Patriot- wrong on all counts: I’m not a neocon, not for open borders- BUSH was for open borders. Do you all really not comprehend words in strings (called sentences) or are you just “extrapolating” again?

    Open Borders was just something else Bush was wrong about (in addition to his TARP and a few other fiascos) – but the liberals should have loved him for it…and given him the Nobel Peace Prize – right?

    UnAmerican Commies are anybody who want to dissolve the American Capitalist system and deconstruct the Constitution. Period-no matter how you want to redefine it.

  7. Wanderant Says:

    Obama got this Nobel Peace Prize because he is black- the same reason he was handed the Harvard Law Review chairmanship, a Senatorship and the Presidency. He demonstrated no record to EARN any of those bestowed gifts. This is the true racism at work.

    The Socialists of the world have been duped into believing all the whiney-weenies in the US that have convinced themselves and others that the US is racist and imperialistic and needs to be punished. Isn’t it ironic that the “punishment” that will set our progress back two generations will come from a black Socialist President?

    Brace yourselves for REPARATION (redistribution of white wealth to poor black). The tax exemption (for black wealth) and punitive (for white wealth) policies are being drafted (by Charlie Rangel) as you e-speak.

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