Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

If you value your freedom and your country watch this 4 minute video.


3 Responses to “Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    The Neo-cons will not be happy until they spark some right wing whacko to shot the President!!!

  2. PATRIOT Says:

    opps SHOOT!!

  3. Wanderant Says:

    NO ONE should EVER put those words together in the same sentence….ever. AGOH has never done so and only sick-minded leftists are even entertaining such a tragic scenario.

    Lefto’s need to rein themselves in with their viciousness and maintain a civil tone. If they ask for trouble enough times, a sick mind somewhere will hear THEIR call. This is akin to their same tactics of blacks planting and then pinning racist grafitti and acts onto innocent whites.

    If you can’t win the fight/debate on it’s merits and fairly, get out of the game.

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