Here’s Who’s Running The Show


Barack H.Obama CFR

Joe Biden – B, CFR
Vice President

Hillary Rodham Clinton – B, T, CFR
Secretary of State

Special Envoys to Hilary Clinton:

Richard Holbrooke – B, T, CFR
George Mitchell – B, CFR

Tim Geithner – B, T, CFR
Dept. of Treasury

Paul Volcker – B, T, CFR
Econ. Recovery Advisor
Additional notes: North American chairman of Trilateral Commission. Federal Reserve Chairman during Carter and Reagan Administrations. President of Federal Reserve Bank. Chairman of Rothschild Wolfenstein Company.

Rahm Emanuel
Cheif of Staff
Affilliated with ACORN

Laurence Summers – B, T, CFR
National Economic Council

Bill Richardson – B, CFR
Commerce Secretary

Tom Daschle – B, CFR
Health Secretary

Janet Napolitano – CFR
Homeland Security Director

Gen. James L. Jones – B, T
Security Advisor

Robert M. Gates – B, CFR
Department of Defense

Eric Holder
Attorney General
No known affiliations

Ken Salazar – B, T, CFR
Dept. of Interior

Thomas Vilsack – B, CFR
Dept. of Agriculture

Hilda Solis – T
Dept. of Labor

Shaun Donovan – T, CFR
Dept. of Housing & Urban Dvlpmt

Raymond Lathood
Dept. of Trasportation
No known affiliations

Steven Chu – CFR
Dept. of Energy

Arne Duncan – T
Dept. of Education

Eric Shinseki – T, CFR
Dept. of V.A.

Christine Romer – CFR
Council of Economic Advisors

Lisa Jackson
Enviromental Protection Agency
No known affiliations

Peter Orszag – B, T, CFR
Office of Management & Budget

Richard Kirk – B
US Trade Representative

Susan Rice – CFR
Ambassador to UN


3 Responses to “Here’s Who’s Running The Show”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Ok now lets get out our tin foil hats!!! Gee another neo-con conspiracy theory.
    So what if these people are members of think tanks. I suppose they are “commie” organizations that are going to have all in Mao suits and marching in lock step.
    You really need to get yourself off the internet…..maybe you should read a good book or take up another hobby!!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    There’s none so blind as he who will not see

    Try typing with your 2 hands Expatriot… or you could wind up blind
    (or is it too late for that advice)

  3. Wanderant Says:

    Whoa!! Let’s keep it clean here, kids!!!!!

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