Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama’s czars

Posted: November 04, 2009
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“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” warned Obi-Wan Kenobi, while approaching the fictional Mos Eisley spaceport in “Star Wars.”

For many Americans, the closest thing on planet Earth to the famous “Star Wars” bar scene, teeming with all its bizarre and malevolent denizens, is the Obama White House with its ever-growing menagerie of radical, unaccountable and utterly weird “czars” advising the president of the United States.

People like regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, who defends the removal of organs from terminally ill patients without their permission. Or Obama’s choice of school-safety czar, gay activist Kevin Jennings who actually pioneered the practice of introducing homosexual advocacy into public schools by disguising it as “school safety”! Or science czar John Holdren, who has advocated sterilizing welfare recipients and seizing babies born to unwed mothers, and predicted one billion people would die in “carbon-dioxide induced famines” caused by – are you ready? – a coming new ice age.

And those are just the ones you’ve already heard about. There are dozens more.

Meet people like Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner nominee Chai Feldblum, who endorses polygamy, and AIDS czar Jeffrey S. Crowley – both openly homosexual. In fact, the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute boasts on its website that at least 60 “LGBT leaders have secured spots in the Obama administration.”

Then there’s Patrick Gaspard, officially the “director of the office of political affairs,” but whom critics call “ACORN’s man in the White House.” And defense policy adviser Rosa Brooks, a George-Soros-trained ideologue and anti-military radical who urged the prosecution of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for “war crimes.” And FCC diversity czar Mark Lloyd, who believes the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” – unanimously repealed by the FCC in 1987 – was never repealed, wants to destroy conservative talk radio, and described Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez’s rise to power in Venezuela as “an incredible revolution.”

And the list goes on. And on.

“In bypassing congressional approval and assembling an army of unaccountable czars,” says Whistleblower editor David Kupelian, “President Obama is doing precisely the opposite of what he promised before being elected.”

Since his election, Obama has zealously pursued the most stunning power grab in modern history, not only through unthinkable federal spending and takeovers of entire industries like automotive and banking, and in-progress takeovers of healthcare and energy, but by creating a virtual shadow government of “czars” within the executive branch.

Just why would a president want to bypass customary Senate confirmation and accountability to congressional oversight committees when appointing his advisers?

Van Jones provided the answer. After Obama’s “green jobs czar” was forced to resign in the middle of the night, following widely publicized revelations that he was a self-proclaimed communist and a racist conspiracy-monger, many people asked how Jones could have slipped through the White House’s vetting process.

“Jones didn’t slip through a sloppy vetting process,” explains Kupelian. “He passed it with flying colors. Jones was exactly what Obama wanted. Indeed, as you’ll see in this issue of Whistleblower, Obama’s czars – unaccountable to anyone on earth but him – are a reflection of his worldview and policy positions. They are a reflection of where Barack Obama wants to take America.”

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3 Responses to “Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama’s czars”

  1. Patriot Says:

    CZAR, COMMIE, SOCIALIST cant y’all learn any new insults to call a man that will one day be the Greatest President this nation has ever seen!! He already won a Nobel Peace Prize with mannnnny more accolades to come!!

  2. CountDown Says:

    Why do leftists get insulted when they’re called by their rightful labels?

    If you are a proud leftist or liberal, you should be proud of being called a socialist or a communist as that is your idealogy. Czars are socialist/communist creations.

    What is your problem- being a radical leftist or being called a radical leftist?

    You know if walks like a duck; quacks like a duck- it IS a DUCK. And ducks don’t mind being called ducks. They prefer it to being called chickens or turkeys. Would you rather we call you a turkey?

  3. Wanderant Says:

    About the only “accolade” this mutt of a president as left to gain will be the dubious distinction of being a one-term president.

    Now, there is some hope and change we can all vote for…..

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