Returning To the Scene of the Crime

Today Barack Obama is going to announce that the terrorist mastermind of September 11th, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be sent to New York City for a criminal trial in a civilian court.

In that trial, the terrorist will get all the rights afforded an American citizen in a criminal trial, including the right to a fair trial, the right to a taxpayer funded attorney, the right to review all the evidence against him, potentially including classified intelligence matters, the right to exclude evidence against him including, potentially, any confession obtained through enhanced interrogation techniques, etc.

At best, this will be a show trial fit not for the American Republic, but a third world kleptocratic totalitarian regime. At worse, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will gain access to classified material he can then leak to other terrorists while New York yet again becomes a target for terrorists. We have already had occasions in this country where terrorists’ sympathetic lawyers have conveyed information, orders, and plans to other terrorists.

You can find more details here.

Call your Congressman and Senator right now. Tell them they should use every tool at their disposal to block this. The number to call is 202-224-3121.

Sincerely yours,
Erick Erickson


One Response to “Returning To the Scene of the Crime”

  1. CountDown Says:

    This unAmerican, extraConstitutional decision to move undeniable war criminals from offshore military tribunals to a domestic Federal judicial venue is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the very existence of the US and should be treated as the most severe act of TREASON in US history.

    This strategy has nothing to do with justice for the 911 attacks by foreign enemies on the US and everything to do with finally bringing down this country from the inside.

    Erode the very fabric of a civilized, albeit recenty beaten and downtrodden, society; spit in the faces of its’ most revered victims and heroes and then rub both vinegar and salt in those wounds, and you’re not looking for justice, you’re applying corporal punishment on this country to “pay” for it’s “sins”, as percieved by its’ enemies within.

    This leftist move is designed to start the cultural and racist war that this administration envisions as their finest hour. This move is CLEARLY designed to prompt a domestic terrorist extremist right-wingnut act against the administration.

    This is the leftists firey match being thrown onto the gasoline-doused pile of constitutional rights and protections and hoping an equally incindiary response by some unbalanced rightie radical will fan the flames …..and lead the world into Armageddon.

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