Another Great ‘Comment’

This ‘comment’ by CountDown also
should be posted here:

This unAmerican, extraConstitutional decision to move undeniable war criminals from offshore military tribunals to a domestic Federal judicial venue is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the very existence of the US and should be treated as the most severe act of TREASON in US history.

This strategy has nothing to do with justice for the 911 attacks by foreign enemies on the US and everything to do with finally bringing down this country from the inside.

Erode the very fabric of a civilized, albeit recenty beaten and down trodden, society; spit in the faces of its’ most revered victims and heroes and then rub both vinegar and salt in those wounds, and you’re not looking for justice, you’re applying corporal punishment on this country to “pay” for it’s “sins”, as percieved by its’ enemies within.

This leftist move is designed to start the cultural and racist war that this administration envisions as their finest hour. This move is CLEARLY designed to prompt a domestic terrorist extremist right-wingnut act against the administration.

This is the leftists firey match being thrown onto the gasoline-doused pile of constitutional rights and protections and hoping an equally incindiary response by some unbalanced rightie radical will fan the flames …..and lead the world into Armageddon.


13 Responses to “Another Great ‘Comment’”

  1. GregGully Says:

    I finally figured out this President and his agenda. Simply put….he is……

    Oba Mao!!!

  2. Patriot Says:

    It is soooo hard for me to stop from laughing when I come to this blog. Unfortunately for me I MUST continue to do so in order to try to negate the lies on this blog. I must convey the truth to the people that may see this CRAP!!

    OBA MAO!! You must be kidding. OBAMA has not murdered millions of people. Nor has he enslaved anybody! Gets your facts straight before you assign such a moniker to a President.

    As too the post by CountDown….another unmitigated, unsupported by fact diatribe of hatred for anything our GENIUS President does merely because he is BLACK!!
    Was the Blind Sheik and Ramses Ussef “war Criminals”? They did the same thing that the four defendants being brought here for trial did. That is promote terrorism on the shores of the USA. So where was this uproar when Clinton’s Justice Dept decided to prosecute them in the very same Court in NYC?

  3. Wanderant Says:

    Yo Patsy- the ugly blind guy and the Ramses condom guy actually had legal status in the US, therefore, they had the constituionally bestowed privelage of being tried in the US Judicial system….and by the way, they didn’t murder 3,000 Americans.

    The moniker that Obie has is well-earned- he is radically anti American, as he himself has prosthylized to the world; his closest friends and mentors are radically antiAmerican and his policies over the course of his 9 month old administration are radically antiAmerican.

    Don’t really care what color the guy is that is trying to kill you/us – we just don’t want him to, nor will let him, SUCCEED. He must FAIL.

  4. Wanderant Says:

    GregGully is Right on the MARK-XIST!

  5. CountDown Says:

    I really think this MAO-MUTT would rather perish as a martyr for his leftist cause than live as a failure to it. Failure is defined as his inability to RUIN the US.

    I think he’s sick and demented and failure is not an option. He is the Manchurian Candidate.

  6. Patriot Says:

    CountDown, Wanderant and GregGully=
    racist, neo-con, fascist, knuckledragging hate mongerers!!

    Our Genius President loves America as much as any other President. He told us he was going to fundamanetally change our country to bring about equality and justice for all. That is what he is doing. There were no secrets. Y’all voted for him. Now get outta the way and let him fix all the damage the neo-cons have done too this country!!

  7. CountDown Says:

    Suppose Obie Commie-Nobie went into the hood to apply his equality and justice for all philosophy? Hmmm, let’s go there…

    Obie Commie-Nobie issues an edict that all the best cribs, weapons, rides, ho’s and bling will be TAKEN from the Bloods and Cryps and GIVEN to the M-13’s. Correctly, the B&C’s would decry this blatant unjustice to them, after all, just because they were better at committing crimes, why should they be punished because the M-13’s weren’t so successful or talented when undertaking their criminal ventures.

    How do you think the B&C’s would respond to Obie Commie-Nobie’s new social justice?

    Or, is redistribution of one’s hard-earned “wealth” only acceptable when it goes from whites to non-whites or from non-leftists to leftists?

    Apply this ridiculous philosophy to sports, arts and entertainment venues – where leftists reign, see how far it gets. It only seems to “apply” to those domains dominated by white non-leftists, interestingly.

    I think we can see very plainly who are the racists in this administration and its’ supporters.

  8. Patriot Says:

    Boy I must have missed the speech where President Obama said he was only going to redistribute the wealth of only rich whites. Hmmmmm I just don’t recall that speech as much as I attempt to recall it!!! You showed the world your racist leanings in your last post. I rest my case on that post, Now go back and hide under your KKK white robe!!

  9. CountDown Says:

    You must be the only one to think Obie is stupid enough to tell all the “stupid little people” in a speech that he will rob from the rich (white) and give to the poor (black). He isn’t stupid- he is an evil liar, but not stupid.

    Do some easy demographic research – then, come back here and try to convince the sane world that he isn’t undertaking reparations in the form of his lefty redistribution of wealth.

    So, the sky isn’t blue, either, I suppose? Sometimes, you just have to call a spade, a spade…

  10. Patriot Says:

    A SPADE….RACIST< RACIST<RACIST!!!!!! Your true racist feelings continue to come through your lilly white pointed hooded robe!!!

  11. CountDown Says:

    Ummmmmmm, a SPADE is a garden tool- you retrobrate. Calling a “spade a spade” has been in the English vernacular for centuries -goes back to our agronomy roots.

    See, this is the problem with progressives and liberals/leftists- they are basically illiterate, but run an incredible con that they are elitist intellectuals. What they truly are – are liars, scam artists, frauds, hypocrites and haters. Just look at EVERY liberal/leftist organization- stupid and full of anger and hatred. Even your beloved universities provide shelter for idiocy -if they had any confidence in themselves as being truly capable-they would not need the tenure system. Most of your intelligencia are incapable of operating as normal, productive contributing citizens outside of the protected university system (and most struggle even within it).

    What makes you think I’m white? I can be black, brown, red or yellow- what kind of ASSumptions are you making?

    Here’s another garden tool lesson for you- a HO is not your mama. Don’t hijack the english language and then rant when someone uses it-

  12. Patriot Says:

    You are very well written even though your rants are racist. So you must have a very good University education. How did a racist as yourslef survive in such a “hostile”, “socialist” and “communist” leaning education??
    I would also ASSume, based on your racist rants, that you meant spade in the racist venacular. I would futher ASSume that you are definitely WHITE. Possibly a member of the Arian Brotherhood or KKK!!!!

  13. Patriot Says:

    yourslef sic yourself and leaning education should read leaning environment.

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