Ode To Al Gore

Ode To Al
by armageddonoutahere

Hey Al Gore give the Oscar back
You knew all along you were on the wrong track
And though I doubt that you are wise
It would be smart to return the Peace Prize

You knew all along the science was trash
But it kept you rolling in plenty of cash
Now you’re canceling your tirades
Cause gone are all the accolades

Now Everyone is wise to you
What you said was proved untrue
So save your global warming rant
Everyone knows you’re a potted plant


7 Responses to “Ode To Al Gore”

  1. Wanderant Says:

    He’ll never have to give either back- they knew he was a fraud when they gave those awards to him. It’s akin to giving him the Cure for Cancer or Nobel Prize in Medicine awards for profiting from all that tobacco farming/marketing all those years. He’s part of the system of frauds that make these unethical (local and international) profiteers even wealthier. But, they will keep their wealth off-shore, so that Obie can’t his grubby little hands on their fortunes.

    Great poem, just the same-keep them coming.

  2. Patriot Says:

    You must be a brutha or a sista the way y’all spit those raps!! Too bad the facts in your raps are false. Just because a couple of scientist, out of thousands, sent an email that perpertrated a fraud does not debunk the entirety of the science behind global warming. As I said earlier it is a FACT that the earth has warmed. It is a FACT that population has exploded in the 20th Century. It is a FACT that the industrial revolution also exploded in the 20th century. All this combined with Mama Nature caused global warming. We cannot control Mama Nature but we can control all the other variables. So what is wrong with trying to save the planet?? I don’t get you neo-cons at all and I never will!!!

  3. CountDown Says:

    Umm, those “couple scientists” provided the [false] foundation on which all the other “science” was based. If you have a faulty foundation, no matter how great the house is that you’ve built upon it, you have a weak house.

    Of course it is a fact that the planet has warmed; it has done so, and also cooled, for millions of years- it is the planets normal climate cycling that we witness. This is exactly why all the politically-driven hype is such a fraud now.

    If you really want to save the planet, shut down illegal (and some legal) immigration into industrialized nations, which will in turn reduce the carbon load on the planet. The fewer people living in our industrialized nations, the fewer of those precious resources utilized (or “abused’, as you and your lefty friends like to think).

    The fact is that those who worked themselves into early graves and sacrificed to EARN the good fortunes of PROGRESSIVE nations (your favorite word), deserve to reap the rewards of their labors. If it were not for the huge medical and social advances created in those PRODUCTIVE nations, the poorer, less industrialized nations would suffer even worse lives (if any at all) since our money provides food, medicine, education and shelter for them.

    It is more than naive to think that, just short of a concerted multi-nation nuclear assault, we could either adversely or otherwise affect an astronomical entity. A few nations spewing a few extra tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a century is hardly affecting anything on a global scale. Is is really rather silly (and extremely arrogant) to think otherwise….

  4. Patriot Says:

    Gee you think you’re a scientist or something!! Your faulty foundation theory also applies to the America we have today. America was built upon the faulty foundation of slavery. Upon the backs of people of color. Yet we have yet to reap the fruits of our labor. We have been held back for centuries. It is only since the 1960’s that America has made a half hearted attempt to level the playing field. The results are mixed because there is still institutional, societal and government racism practiced daily in this country. Until y’all understand this principle the foundation of America will be faulty!!

  5. CountDown Says:

    Saying that America was built upon the backs of slaves is like saying that it was built upon the backs of mules, donkeys and horses. It was/is the distinctly American ingenuity and individualism that built the country.

    Europe imported slavery into the Americas; Africa exported slavery to the rest of the world. If all it took was slaves to build a nation as great as the US, why then aren’t any of the European or African nations as great?

    The United States of America endured slavery for about 100 years. Decades of debate and a civil war finally resolved/abolished slavery in the US. The US Constitution encouraged and supported the abolishment of slavery, as well as other cultural norms of the day considered unacceptable by today’s standards. THAT is the flawless foundation of our nation. The only faulty elements of the US are the resident ingrates, whiners, anarchists, enemies and multigenerational welfare recipients who continue to exploit the generous US system and culture to their advantage.

    What you’re looking for is some more freebies. Give it up-get a job, already.

    Now, weren’t we talking about climate change, or is that a racial issue for you, too? Yeah, that’s it, it is whiteys toxic emissions killing off the poor, oppressed black people. Where is Al Sharpton when you need him…..

  6. Patriot Says:

    In fact global warming is a racial issue. It is the poor undeveloped nations filled with people of color that suffer most from the effects of global warming. A majority of which is created by the USA, a white centric nation. So yes the foundation of America is faulty due to slavery and the USA continues its racist policies throughout the world.
    How about some TRUE facts from now on instead of your racist opinions!!

  7. Wanderant Says:

    Well then, that’s it, Patsy…Mother Nature is a RACIST!

    Your facts are “suspect”- it is India and China, two non-white nations contributing the most CO and NOx emissions to the atmosphere. And even then, man’s global contribution of ozone increasing gaseous compounds is insignificant.

    If the US were truly racist, it would shut down immigration from all the third world countries of color so that people who formerly were not contributing to the “problem” in their former countries, would not be added to the “load” in the US. As of now, the US immigration poicy is to reduce immigration from caucasion nations so as to permit increased immigration from the more “colorful” nations and continents.

    It is the US racist immigration policy against white people increasing the man-based emission load.

    But even then, man’s contribution to the global climate changes is immeasurable (so insignificant it doesn’t register globally/universally).

    Think of it this way- blaming man for global and astronomically-triggered climate changes that have occurred since the beginning of time is like blaming man for nightfall or for the seasons. It is RIDICULOUS. But then, most race-based distortions are-

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