Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas The Day After Christmas
By armageddonoutahere

Twas the day after Christmas
And here at our house
We were adding the bills up
Just me and my spouse

The presents were scattered under the tree
The children were playing nearby noisily
Off to the side lay a doll with no head
A pretty toy pony was torn to a shred

The paint sets and crayons were strewn here and there
The parts to the games could be found everywhere
The children were laughing,the sly little foxes
They were having such fun with the empty toy boxes

A three wheeled doll carriage was limping nearby
A plane with one wing… it never will fly
The bike that took hours to get it assembled
Was lying bike it resembled

Mom is all worn out from shopping and wrapping
Dad swears again “next year this won’t happen”
The beautiful Christmas tree was droopy and tilted
Just like ourselves, it looked awfully wilted

Out on the lawn was snow a foot high
We got our White Christmas now shovel smart guy
Christmas looked good when it was coming our way
It don’t look so great now the following day

We had ourselves a merry old one
We spent our dough like John Paul Getty
And though through it all we were having our fun
For a year we’ll be eating spaghetti

But wasn’t it worth all the bother and care
We brought joy to ever so many
We gave and received love with plenty to spare
So what if we haven’t a penny

Merry Christmas to all from all of us here
Enjoy life, be glad that you’re living
Remember one thing, there’s nothing so dear
As the joy we get when we are giving


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