Obama Gives INTERPOL Immunity

More on continually-breaking story of INTERPOL immunity

December 30, 9:31 PM
Columbia Conservative Examiner
Anthony G. Martin

As word continues to spread about Barack Obama’s secretive executive order in the middle of the night on December 17, which grants full immunity to INTERPOL on American soil, a more complete picture is emerging about this disturbing –and frightening–action on the part of the President.

Liz Blaine, writing in David Horowitz’s Newsreal, states unequivocally,

But the DOJ considers INTERPOL a law enforcement agency and, the organization is not listed as a historical or active foreign agent
indicating, under Section 2(d), INTERPOL is not required to report
foreign agents, their communications or activities on American soil.

INTERPOL is now an international organization free from identifying its
agents, communications or activities, immune from 4th Amendment search and seizure provisions, with the capacity to institute legal proceedings, and the ability to ignore American’s 6th Amendment rights. In essence, the President has granted INTERPOL enforcement powers which supersede the Constitution.

And the most damning piece of evidence Blaine offers to back up her
assertion is this item:

With his signature Obama reversed President Reagan’s EO restricting
INTERPOL to the Constitution and American law when acting on U.S. soil.

INTERPOL now has the full diplomatic immunities afforded foreign
embassies, International Organizations, their officers and employees under the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA).

For what good reason would a U.S. President grant a foreign law enforcement agency such broad powers to operate unhindered within the United States?

The speculations abound. But the facts point to no good.

For example, as Blaine’s article points out, INTERPOL is administered in
the U.S. through the United States National Central Bureau at the Department of Justice. The EPA is one of the federal agencies, among others, assigned to work with the USNCB.

Given that one of the main functions of the USNCB and INTERPOL is to ’seek the location, and ultimately the arrest of fugitives wanted in the U.S’, the primary manner in which INTERPOL interfaces with the EPA is to seek and arrest EPA fugitives who are charged with ‘environmental crimes.’

As Blaine notes,

Given the EPA’s recent license to regulate CO2 it is especially noteworthy that INTERPOL is tasked to seek and arrest EPA fugitives, defendants charged with environmental crimes who have fled the court’s jurisdiction. We will
have to wait to see how the EPA criminalizes CO2 violations to determine the true risk of their ruling to American citizens.

We can only speculate, as to the far-reaching ramifications this change of the executive order will hold for our government and American citizens in general. But the stage is most certainly being set for an ominous outcome.

Thus, more unanswered questions are being raised on a daily basis. With the
stonewalling of the White House, the chances of getting clear answers are next to nil.

Consider, however, the following entirely reasonable questions asked
by Blaine:

But a myriad of questions remain about President Obama’s action, and their answers can only be speculated at this time. What potential intelligence gathering techniques might a group of law enforcement agents use, when provided the latitude to investigate anything under the cover of INTERPOL’s immunity from Constitutional restraints?

Could a President who believes
the Constitution reflects “the fundamental flaw of this country” potentially hide unconstitutional activities carried out by DOJ or Homeland Security agents within INTERPOL activities?

Will political associates of the President hold dual positions with INTERPOL?

If the future proves the answers to these questions true, what might history call this agency? For Hitler, it was the Gestapo. For Stalin, the CHEKA.



2 Responses to “Obama Gives INTERPOL Immunity”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Why in the world are you neo-cons making such a big thing out of nothing?? So what if our Genius, reflective President over turned an order from an old, senile, dumb President that was only good at giving neo-con speeches. Damn Reagan wasn’t even a good actor. He was a “B” actor and a “B” president. Neo-cons act as if he was the greatest president ever. He wasn’t even close!!

  2. Wanderant Says:

    No, you are right – Reagan wasn’t the greatest President ever, Jimmy Carter was the greatest president ever.

    Obama has two BIG LEFT SHOES to fill, kind of like CLOWN SHOES…

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