You Lie … Oh How You Lie

You Lie … Oh How You Lie
by armageddonoutahere

You lie, you lie that’s what I said
As from the teleprompter he read
Each sentence that he read aloud
Didn’t fool those in the crowd

He talked down to one and all
His arrogance is his down fall
The halo he once proudly wore
Came crashing down onto the floor

His transparency was in plain view
As he shifted all the blame to you
We’re all too dumb to understand
All the good things he has planned

Hidden in his righteous elocution
Is the destruction of the Constitution
But we’re not stupid, we’re very wise
We see through his countless lies

He’s using all his determination
To bring down this great nation
We’re not about to cooperate
His marxist plans we will negate

So talk on and on oh great messiah
To the ‘dumbed down’ you inspire
Meanwhile there is a good solution
A new and peaceful revolution


4 Responses to “You Lie … Oh How You Lie”

  1. CountDown Says:

    And, exploring the strong message in AGOH’s great poem:

    A good place to start the righteous revolution would be in the words of MLK. Just take those same historic speeches and concepts on oppression of a race and replace them with the current oppression of a whole class of patriotic (taxpaying) Americans. It is now the working and productive (capitalist) middle and upper classes suffering discrimination at the hands of a minority of socialist elitist class idealogues. When you study the demographics of the currently oppressed classes it is interesting to note that they do fall along racial (white, asian) and political (conservative) and religious (Christian, non-Muslim) lines. One could also cite the Mandela revolution in SA, another place where the majority ultimately ruled, as they should.

    The tail is wagging the dog…again. It never lasts for long.

  2. PATRIOT Says:

    It’s about time y’all had a taste of your own medicine!! Doesn’t go down very well….now does it? We had to put up with your racist policies fo0r over 200 years. So now the playing field is just about level and y’all want a do over! We ain’t doen leveling the playing field yet….so sit back….shut up…..and enjoy the ride!! On the back of the bus that is!!

  3. Wanderant Says:

    If Obama is driving, it’ll be UNDER the bus- with all the rest of his former friends and cronies (and his grandma).

    So, now we can stop claiming that it is about fairness and justice and call it exactly what is is – straight up racism.

    Like Countdown said – the tail can’t wag the dog for long. The universe will correct itself. This presidency will be short-lived and insignificant in the longterm – in addition to failed.

  4. CountDown Says:

    If you were having a taste of your own medicine, Patsy, you’d still be visiting with witch doctors.

    What doesn’t go down very well is that slavery is still being practiced in Africa- where is was born, and people, especially women and children, are still being sold into slavery. Whitey has nothing to do with this continuing disgraceful practice, so I don’t know who the racists are in this scenario – do you? Must be the descendents of those same slavetraders that sold their brothers and sisters (and sons and daughters) to Spain, Portugal and France – you know, your socialist brothers and sisters in solidarity.

    If the playing field isn’t level after 40 years of affirmative action – to the point of electing a embarrasingly incapable and untalented black president (let’s face it- Obie’s no Colin Powell or Condy Rice), it never will be. The playing field is currently tilted so far left to the benefit of undeserving black racists we are looking like complete fools to the rest of the world- including Africa. Even they know that if we go down- they all go down; after all- where will all their welfare foreign aid come from if we can’t afford to support them?

    When you’ve got China and Europe begging you to come to your senses, you know you’ve tilted off the field-

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