Who Is This Man… Really?

This man says that he is a Christian, watch this, and then ask yourself if you believe it.

Obama claims he is a Christian but it depends on who he is talking to.


“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ——-Abraham Lincoln


4 Responses to “Who Is This Man… Really?”

  1. Wanderant Says:

    Ah, when it comes to anything Obie we are taught to believe nothing we see or hear (such as that video assortment of his own words) and only believe in what he does or what he says we should believe.

    I think that facts are that he is a chameleon taking on any form that will gain him the favor of his current target audience and ever-dwindling supporters. He’s a Muslim when it benefits him, or a Christian in Wright’s church when it benefitted him or even an atheist when it benefits him. He’s a (fake) patriot when he needs to be, depending upon his audience, or he’s an apologist for America when he thinks he needs to be. He is a USER.

    Ultimately, he is a vapid, empty, insincere, ignorant, uncouth, lying, conniving, snake that will say whatever he has to say, or flip whomever he must under the now infamous bus, to first acquire and now keep power. He is a POLITICIAN. His power was handed to him by his adoring press/media sycophants as retribution for Bush’s enlightended disregard for their “almightiness”.

    I don’t think he’s anymore interested in a specific idealogy than as far as APPEARING to be so as to further his agenda which is to have a constant supply of adoring, swooning, fainting, idolizing masses. It just so happened that is was the stupid liberals and leftists most susceptible to his “charms”…what Dolts. He doesn’t care who or where his adoring masses are. He is a complete and total demagogue and NARCISSIST.

    And, this is a very dangerous leader for our country at this critical time in history.

  2. PATRIOT Says:

    So I guess you like President Obama, Wanderant!?!

  3. Wanderant Says:

    Right again, Patsy. Boy, nobody can get one by you!

  4. CountDown Says:

    History does, and will, repeat itself. The Last Great Empire, comparable to the united States, was the Roman Empire. Any unbiased study, as has been undertaken since 465AD (Fall of Constantinople) by scores of
    a-political intellects, of the Fall of the Roman Empire will reveal that the US is headed in the exact same direction and for the exact same reasons.

    The reasons are:
    1. A populace/citizenry that got lazy and became politically “liberal” (reverting to “paganism”/debauchery).
    2. Overtaxation of the productive Roman citizenry to support the duds and influx of immigrants that weren’t interested in either producing or “assimilating”.
    3. An infiltration of the Roman military by “barbarians”, in other words, unfriendly forces.
    4. “Dumbing down” of the citizenry (maybe due to lead poisoning or some cultural anomoly)
    5. Islamic pressures/infiltration (constant wars) on the Christian Empire.

    It is also quite interesting to note that “scholars” on the topic phrase their summaries on the Fall of the Roman Empire as follows:
    “Many scholars maintain that rather than a “fall”, the changes can more accurately be described as a complex transformation”.

    Sound familiar????

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