Hill’s $nub of U.S. Companies

Hill’s $nub of U.S. companies in purchase of crystal stemware is clear

By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:51 AM, March 15, 2010
Posted: 3:36 AM, March 15, 2010

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department is spending $5.4 million to buy fine crystal stemware for American embassies — but it won’t give the US economy much of a boost.

The contract was given to a tiny Washington, DC, interior designer, which in turn subcontracted the crystal work to a Swedish firm — snubbing such US companies as the famous manufacturer in Clinton’s own back yard, Steuben Crystal of upstate Corning.

The firm didn’t even get a chance to bid on the contract, which will outfit embassies and ambassadors’ residences with fancy crystal for ritzy functions.

Ironically, under the no-bid contract, some of the crystal is to be custom-crafted to include the seal of the United States, although Swedes will do all of the manufacturing.

Contracting rules require any American firms that subcontract work to use a domestic firm or get a waiver.

The firm that got the contract, Systems Design Inc., is a small interior-design firm in tony Georgetown. The company, which is eligible for minority small-business contracts, does not appear to have done any similar work.

After getting the contract in September, the firm subcontracted to Swedish glassmaker Orrefors/Kosta Boda USA.

Department spokesman Darby Holladay said Systems Design couldn’t find a domestic producer who could meet the 100 percent lead-free requirement, although a Steuben spokesman said it does manufacture lead-free crystal.

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4 Responses to “Hill’s $nub of U.S. Companies”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    I guess that it wans’t purchased from an American retailer? I guess all foreign car owners are un-American too? What about y’all favorite retailer WALMART!! Everything there is made in ASIA. Y’all are really a hopeless buncha fools!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    You seem to know quite a bit about Walmarts. Evidently you frequent their stores regularly. Y’all think maybe that 5.4 million dollars could have been better spent on American workers ? Nah, that wouldn’t have been socialist enough. Y’all have to redistribute the wealth in y’alls global economy. Maybe one of y’alls’ so called ‘brothers’ could have benefited from that give-away. You’re still good …. just for laughs.

  3. PATRIOT Says:

    Well, well, well y’all been outsmarted, AGAIN, by our Genius African American President!!! As I been saying all along the health care bill is about to be passed. All the y’all have been using every dirty trick in the neo-con playbook. It takes a real leader with fortitude to be tenacious. This President was already going to be a historical Presdient due to his being the 1st African American President. Now his legacy will be written in only his 14th month in office. Many have tried to get health care legislation passed since Teddy Roosevelt. It took a Genius African American to get it done. But don’t worry, although y’all have seen fit to allow minorities to be held down for over 200 years we will still allow y’all to benefit from health care for all people. Allelujia. Health Care is no longer just for rich white people!!!

  4. CountDown Says:

    Health care services should mirror how much you have put into the system = EARNED.

    You want to drive a Cadillac, better get an education and get a good job. You want to sit around the crib and cruise the hood all day doing drugs, boozing and whoring, better get used to driving that 20 year old Honda.

    Ain’t about color, which is your typical racist rant, it is about earning the goodies that you get – REGARDLESS of your COLOR.

    Something touted as being “so good for you” shouldn’t be “so hard to sell”.

    Obie’s Presidential legacy has already been written: he is a liar of monumental proportions; he is a socialist; he is unethical, and he is a racist.

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