The Libs in 3-D

Libs in 3-D

Yes the libs are being seen in 3-D finally. It was bound to happen and thankfully they blew their cover. Now everyone with a brain sees that they’re Deceitful, Devious and Dishonest. The worse part is they’re Dangerous.


3 Responses to “The Libs in 3-D”

  1. PATRIOT Says:

    Ahhhhh that would be 4 D’s…..great conservative education. Can’t even count to 4!!

  2. armageddonoutahere Says:

    Tch Tch Expatriot learn how to read… The 4th D is my warning.
    I attribute Devious, Deceitful and Dishonest to Barack Hussein Obama.
    Dangerous is my description of his presidency. I did say ‘anyone with a brain’ which obviously excluded you.

  3. Wanderant Says:

    Notice how Patsy can’t debate an issue or a point?

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