Stop Obama from Staining the Constitution with Red Ink

Stop Obama from Staining the Constitution with Red Ink

From Michael Steele, RNC Chairman

When running for president, Barack Obama made it clear his goal once in office was to “fundamentally transform America.”

Whether it be through the Congress or the courts, Obama has aggressively pursued his leftist ambitions to remake our great country into a socialist utopia through any means necessary.

With now a second Supreme Court vacancy in two years, Obama will use this chance to further his goal by choosing a judge that is looking to socially engineer the Constitution, legislate from the bench, and disregard the rule of law for possibly the next 30 years.

To get an accurate representation of how the President views the Constitution and the role of the judiciary, you only need to l ook at the lower court judges he has nominated. If these out-of-the-mainstream judicial activists ever make it to the Supreme Court, they will “fundamentally transform America” as Obama desires.

My team has put together a brief demonstration on how these liberal judicial activists might edit the Constitution based on their own rulings. Go there now to read the radical changes to our most cherished freedoms they wish to enact through judicial fiat.

This isn’t some theoretical parlor game. Liberal judges’ rulings have real, long-lasting results and directly affect you, your children and grandchildren.

Our Party is fighting back by demanding the President appoint someone to the Supreme Court who will follow the rule of law — not legislate from the bench or work to advance a political or personal agenda.

Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Our Constitution does not give judges the right to set public policy — but that’s exactly what the liberal judicial activists President Obama has appointed to the lower courts believe. Please go to right now to see the radical changes Obama’s next nominee to the Supreme Court would make to our precious liberties and freedoms.

Found at:

Go here to see Obamas’ Constitution:


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